The End of E-Mail As You Know It

My emotions caught me as I read Keven Werbach’s excellent piece on Slate this morning. Spam is killing e-mail […] Emotional because e-mail is the best way to get ahold of me. It’s[ … ]

Marin County Women Pose Nude For P-E-A-C-E

And they did it in the rain. I'm not sure what happened here. But this photo from this “southern belle's” blog is a lot different than the version posted on the Pt. Reyes Light[ … ]

Backup Weekend. And more .Mac stories

I'm spending most of my time this weekend backing up all of my files, settings and preferences. Wiping my trusty TiBook clean so I can ship it off to its new owner. I'm still getting 3-5[ … ]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Last week Apple announced new PowerBooks. The appeal for me. Built in DVD writer – aka the Apple SuperDrive. Sure the benefits of 30GB more hard drive, a gig of RAM and of course a 1Ghz[ … ]

Those Santa Ana Winds Blowing Again

Geez. What is it many people talk about when they don’t have anything to say? The weather. Ok. Ok. Cut me some slack here. Much to say. But let’s take a breather. You know. The[ … ]

Microsoft And Open Source Paranoia

In another case of fear, paranoia and defensive maneuvering, it appears Microsoft just doesn't know what to do about this Linux and open source movement that may or may not be lurking in its[ … ]

OS X Update (10.2.2) Has Got Me Crawling

Just downloaded through software update the update to Apple's Jaguar OS X operating system. First comment: why did I do it? These updates are usually no-brainers. But for some reason the[ … ]

Participation. It's Your Community, After All

Through a wild string of events and blind circumstance, I was invited to attend a Songwriters Guild of America event at 14 Below in Santa Monica. In this cramped club that is haphazardly joined to[ … ]

Shipping & Handling. This is too much

My stomach cringed when the driver pulled my backpack out of the back of the van. My Canon DV video camera seemed all too willing to liberate itself through the small crack left by lazy zippering[ … ]

Good Ole Doc

Doc discusses the issues surrounding North Santa Barbara, Gaviota Coast and Santa Ynez vincinity. I really find myself wanting to move and buy property here. Close enough to LA, but far enough away[ … ]